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Cyndi Allison

WELCOME and ... Yes! You Can Cook.

Don’t think that you’re the only one who ever fed dinner to the dog and ordered in pizza. It happens to the best of cooks. Just ask my dog Hershey who loves failed kitchen experiments and any leftover people food. Hershey’s not fat (since most of my recipes turn out great), but she sure is happy that she lives with a food and cooking writer.

You may be convinced that you can’t cook, but there’s hope. Break out the pots and pans and try some of my recipes with extra hints and tips. It’s usually something minor that wrecks a recipe. But, you don’t know what not to do if no one mentions it.

You’ll find your old favorites here at Yes! You Can Cook as well as new dishes and some fun food stories and general kitchen guides. Keep coming back, because I’m always cooking and writing up something new. There are only so many hours and meals in a day, but I like to make the most of all of them.

Family Dishwasher

It is possible to burn tea. If you boil the pot dry, the teabags shoot out sparks and set off the fire alarm, and your pot is charred black as tar. I know this firsthand, and it is one of the many reasons I was the designated dishwasher growing up. My brothers cooked. I washed up. This worked out great until I moved out...


Trial by Fire

My first job after college was managing a group home for mentally challenged women. One of my duties was to cook the group family meals. The man who hired me just assumed that any good Southern girl could cook. Needless to say, we all ate some gosh awful stuff for a while. Fortunately “my ladies” were great sports and were perfectly happy when I chopped up my failed strawberry pie and renamed it cobbler...


Show Me the Food

The first thing I learned about cooking is that everyone leaves out something very important when sharing recipes. I guess good cooks think everyone is born knowing the basics. This is not true, and I’ve had a lot of flops to back up this theory. I figured out that the best way to get a new dish right was to offer to help and to watch and take good notes...


Eating Good

My boys always beg me to cut the peanut butter fudge in squares and save back some, because they know the dish will come home empty from a pot luck dinner. It’s nice to be known as a great cook and for folks to ask for the recipes. In fact, I enjoy cooking so much and helping others get the dishes just perfect that I started this web site where anyone can learn to cook...