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Cyndi Allison

Cheerwine Cake

cake mixer red
Mix Up an Easy Cake

If you’ve never heard of Cheerwine and Cheerwine Cake, then you’re probably not from the South. Cheerwine is a regional soft drink that’s a little like a cherry cola – but different. Actually, I’ve never had any soda that tasted like Cheerwine. You don’t need a blind taste test to know that Cheerwine really is unique.

As with most products in the South, home cooks come up with new and creative ways to use Cheerwine. One of the favorites is Cheerwine Cake.

Cheerwine Cake looks a little like Red Velvet Cake, but the taste is really different just like the soda is different from other soft drinks. The cake comes out a beautiful festive color, moist, and you get that interesting extra flavor from the Cheerwine.

There are several versions of Cheerwine Cake, but this one is super easy to make and will give you the idea.

Cheerwine Cake


1 box Devil’s Food cake mix
1 cup Cheerwine soft drink
1 tsp almond extract flavoring


Mix the cake mix as directed on the box, but use the Cheerwine in place of water for the liquid. Also, add the almond extract which is not called for on the box mix.

Bake the cake as directed on the cake mix box.

Then, make the Cheerwine Cake Frosting.

Cheerwine Cake Frosting


½ cup butter or margarine (let soften)
1/3 cup Cheerwine soft drink
¼ cup cocoa (baking powdered chocolate  - usually near the flour in the grocery)
1 lb box powdered sugar (or 2 ½ cups if bought in bulk bag)
¼ tsp almond extract flavoring


Mix together butter and Cheerwine with a mixer. Add cocoa, powdered sugar, and almond extract and mix until smooth.

Spread frosting on cool Cheerwine Cake.

That’s how to make an easy Cheerwine Cake using a cake mix. It’s a unique tasting cake and also a very pretty cake. In fact, Cheerwine Cake has become so popular that a local baking company has teamed up with Cheerwine for a ready made Cheerwine Cake.

If you can’t get Cheerwine in your area, then check out the Cheerwine web site. They do ship this great Southern soda. So, you can try this terrific soft drink and cake even if you don't live in the South.